In this touching story I will tell you about the nine-year-old girl Rachel Beckwith and how her last wish has inspired thousands to charity. On her 9th birthday, she did not ask for toys, dolls, dress or new pair of shoes. Instead, the girl from Seattle wanted that her family and friends donate the money in the charity Charity Water, which helps people in developing countries to survive the shortage of drinking water. Her desire was to collect 300 dollars to save 15 people in need of water …

“12th June 2011 I will be 9 years old” – she wrote on her page specially created to raise funds. “I learned that millions of people die before their 5 birthday. And why not? Because we do not have access to clean drinking water. I ask everyone I know to donate money in my company instead of gifts for my birthday. ”

Her desire was to collect $ 300, but she could collect only $ 220,and was very upset by it. But the hope remains that the rest of the sum she will be able to collect next year. Tragically she was not destined to survive until the next birthday. Rachel was a passenger of one of the 15 vehicles involved in a terrible accident. After a few days in the hospital she was removed from life support apparatus, as injuries were severe.

But with the news about the girl’s death spread, so did the story of her last wish. Thousands of people from around the world imbued with the idea to fulfill a girls last wish and they have continued to make donations on her page, making it the largest campaign in the history of Charity Water

For a fairly short period of time was raised over one million dollars and donations were still coming. Sufficient collected funds in order to save 600,000 people. Rachel was an unusually good kid, and all the while trying to help other people -and even after her death, she managed to save one more life , seriously ill child in need of donor organs

I hope this story will touch you, and we all become a little kinder to their fellow men, we often ignore and listen to the problems of the people around us