About the sensational discovery made in the far north of the country, today told the Yakut paleontologists. In the area of ​​the village of Ust-Yana Yukagir ulus in the grotto, which was formed by the melting of permafrost, scientists accidentally discovered the carcass of a mammoth.

According to Acting Head of the museum mammoth Northeast Federal University named MK Amosova Semyon Grigoryev, a unique finding could be lost forever. At any moment could be buried under a mesoscale breaking rock.
Mammoth, was a young female. It is named for the nearby village of Yukagir – Jukka. She has almost completely preserved hair, trunk, internal organs. The animal died at the age of about three years. Earlier in Yakutia was found a small mammoth. Or part of the adult animals. Near the site of detection Jukka already found a mammoth’s head, which became a symbol of the 2005 World Exposition “Expo” in Japan.

The real sensation is that of Yukis body practically all the bones are preserved. Carcass was carefully dissected. On the back is marked with incisions. If it did the ancient hunters, it is unclear why they did not eat meat, but pulled out the bones and put them next to the body of dead animals. Perhaps, paleontologists are faced with clear evidence of a prehistoric ritual.
As the leading researcher of the Institute of Geology, Diamond and Precious Metals North Branch of the RAS, Gennady Boeskorov to solving the mystery of Yucca international team of scientists will begin to close next February. Meanwhile, under the strict supervision of mammoth kept in a special refrigerator.