Japanese stores are capable of cleaning the ears anyone return to the nostalgic days when your ears cleaned parents. Many customers are willing to pay any amount to a few minutes to return to that carefree time. That is what makes Japanese salons for ear cleaning most popular in recent years.

As long as the Japanese authorities have decided that cleaning the ears is a medical profession, but does not require a license, and hundreds of salons across the country have begun to offer such a service. The vast majority of customers – are men who come to relax and free the mind from stressful thoughts. They remember how to put their heads on their mothers’ knees for hygiene.

Three out of four customers claim that this procedure is so relaxing that they manage to fall asleep. Some say that trying to repeat the procedure at home, forcing their wives clean their ears, but it was not what you want, without a room in a traditional Japanese tatami style.

Women who want to work in salons to clean the ears, should receive special training to acquire skills of the traditional mechanical cleaning of the ear, which is called «mimikaki». During the courses, they learn the right amount of sulfur removed, leaving some to protect the ear canal, because it lubricates it, and has antibacterial and antiviral properties. If you remove all the sulfur, the channel remains vulnerable to infections and external threats. The wax is removed by using a bamboo or metal rods. Girls must do everything possible so that clients feel comfortable and relaxed.