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Impressionism genre appeared in 1874. This April, a group of young artists in Paris, France, borrowing the photographer’s studio held that Dahl painter, sculptor and printmaker and other unknown artists exhibition, the exhibits in Monet’s painting “Impression Sunrise” . The title of this painting is an artistic point of view conservative reporter to borrow, is mockingly called the exhibition “Impressionist painter’s exhibition”, it produces the name of Impressionism or impressionist. Impressionist exhibitions from 1874 – 1886, held eight times. First and second exhibition of fierce criticism by the public opinion. When the exhibition held in the first three or four times, Impressionism has become a great influence on the genre of art. Impressionist movement can be seen as the starting point of modern art.

Impressionist Creative Ideas

From the creative concept, the Impressionist painters emphasized that a true representation of the artist and the objective world of sense impressions, without attention to the subject of far-fetched. Give people the feeling of painting, rather than profound thoughts. In the art form, they emphasize the exploration of light and color, light and color they try to communicate directly with the aesthetics. So their works are often “in order to draw a color theme, rather than the topic itself“, which has greatly enriched the painting means of expression. Produced a large number of impressionist masters such as Manet, Monet, Renoir and Degas, etc.

New Impressionist

New Impressionist” painting, because the weight of color and scientific principles of rational analysis, which often gives a feeling of cold and static.

Main characters George Seurat Seurat is a new artist and scientist. Geometric abstract art of the twentieth century, has a great influence, he specializes in color, making his work, structured, and he has become a new Impressionism “stippling group” representatives.


Following the history of French art after Impressionism art phenomenon, present in 80 to 90 years of the 19th century, painting was subject to external influence and the development of science and art, they are absorbed deep oriental art of subtle implication and also become relatively complex. has been translated as “post-Impressionism.”
Generally known as post-Impressionist painter Paul Cezanne, Van Gogh and. Gauguin.

Post-impressionism is not a community, not a faction, they do not hold regular exhibitions, there is no common aesthetic program and declaration. Only to their descendants and impressionistic distinction between the use of a name. If we study from the association’s point of view, “Post-Impressionist,” this concept, then this group of artists, art dealers Goupil had the gallery with the works exhibited, the gallery by the Van Gogh’s brother Theo help business. Participate in the gallery display are Seurat, Xi Nieke, Bernard. So, in some works of art history, was also included in these three post-Impressionist painter ranks, in fact, Seurat and Xinie Ke is the new representative of Impressionism.

The impact of Impressionism

Impressionism as a trend spread to Europe. UK Germany and Spain, Italy, a group of artists, Russian art world and Eastern Europe by the French artists have been greatly influenced by impressionism. American painter Mary Cassatt and alluvial gold, Japan’s Kuroda Seiki is prestigious Impressionist painter. Although the impression of movement 100 years ago have already disappeared, but so far the world there are many artists paint with the Impressionist approach. Modern Chinese painter Liu Hai-su, Lin and others in the absorption of Impressionist techniques, the unique creation.