36-year old Claire Ayton from Warwickshire constantly experienced unbearable thirst, fatigue, and suffered from excess weight. These problems forced her to seek medical attention. Blood tests did not reveal any problems. The woman then decided to seek answers from the hypnotist.

Hypnosis with Russell Hemmingzom working in Coventry, has revealed the reason – the dependence of Diet Coke. Indeed, the woman later admitted that for ten years she had been drinking about three liters a day. In one year addiction cost her 1,300 pounds . Moreover, the woman gained 19 pounds, and her weight was 86 kilograms. With hypnosis the woman does not drink cola since August. According to Claire, she had no idea that her love for the drink is a true addiction. Cola was part of a daily ritual – a woman drank a cup of coffee in the morning, and for the rest of the day she was drinking soda. Artificial sweeteners contained in the drink negatively affected the health of Clare. She had headaches, general malaise. As soon as she stopped drinking Coke and replaced it with water,she felt better. Also, she lost weight. Experts note: Many people mistakenly believe, that diet cola will not harm their health and waistline. However, it is not true. Moreover, it was found that the sweeteners increase the craving for sweets, throwing people into a vicious circle.