The closer the Olympic Games in London, so, of course, above and excitement. Publisher «Maverick Arts» decided to take a moment and released a humorous calendar «Guinea Pig Games 2013″. It guinea pigs compete in various Olympic disciplines, is this all, we must admit, really funny.
Guinea pigs were employed in the animal rescue fund in exchange for a donation and photographed in a cozy studio. Then, using computer graphics they moved to the Olympic sports facilities. During filming, no animals were harmed .
The owner, Steve Bicknell has said that the product has become the most successful publishing calendar. On the Internet it is available for 9.99 pounds.

January. Boating

February. Running hurdles

March. Track cyclists

April. Rhythmic gymnastics

May. Swimming

June. Marathon

July. Sailing

August. Basketball

September. Synchronized diving

October. Javelin throw

November. Jumping

December. Relay

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