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Roofs just can’t match the cool shade trees provide. Eating fruits, instead of taking capsules, is a much more enjoyable way to get your daily dosage of vitamins. Riding waves on the beach is way more thrilling than swimming in the pool. Humans may be ingenious beings, but man-made things just simply can’t live up to what nature can give. Unfortunately, this same ingenuity has self-appointed man to take over nature.

Environmentalist Murray Bookchin stated that the “idea that humans must dominate nature is common in hierarchical societies“. Man, unfortunately, has treated nature as a mere commodity. Continuous exploitation has reduced the planet as a mere resource. This perception has gone far too long, and nature is striking back hard. Super typhoons, massive floods, strong earthquakes, and heat waves – these are just some of the natural calamities experienced globally for the past couple of years which have claimed lives by the millions.

What humans need to understand and remember is that man is nature. Nature is composed of fundamental elements, and so is man. At death, the human body decomposes, returning it to its basic and original elements. The human body is reduced to dirt, infusing with the earth.

One might think that given the current state of the planet, recovery is far from happening. It might be true, in some levels, but optimism can bear its fruits. Sustainability is now being integrated in capitalism. However, whatever the governing bodies and merchants do, if the change in perspective doesn’t happen at an individual level, then nature exploitation will not cease. A change of thought can bring positive changes in nature’s state. Each person needs to begin seeing nature as his equal, instead of just a means to enhance his way of living. Forming a healthy relationship with nature may sound creepy or odd, but doing so would help in the planet’s quick recovery and eventual preservation for the future generations.