Despite the fact that bamboo – is essentially a grass, with proper treatment, this material is almost stronger than metal. Therefore, if you have hands grow from the right place, but based on an old rusty frame can build a brand new bamboo bike. Not only that transport becomes even more environmentally friendly, so also very light compared to their steel counterparts. And its value is close to zero.

Take the old frame of a bicycle

We cut it into pieces.

Now go to the bamboo grove.

We had a little to try to find suitable stems.

Bamboo to become strong enough to withstand the weight of a person, it must be subjected to heat treatment. Sugar in the stem actually turns into caramel, making the material very durable.

Soon, all of these parts will become the vehicle.

Making the wheels in the right style.

Begin to collect the frame back.

To get a lighter tone bamboo can sanded

Best glue Gorilla Glue – it increases the volume during solidification several times, filling all voids and glues tightly.

Rope and resin provide added strength nodes.

To squeeze out as much air and firmly attached to the rope with resin, the best time to wrap the connection with electrical tape.

Cover the frame with two layers of varnish.