Thinking about what pet you want? Considering options for kittens, puppies or fishes? See more – home python ! That’s exotic!

7-year-old Cambodian boy Warne Sambat sits on his female python in Setbo, 20 km from Phnom Penh. This boy is very attached to the 5-foot python weighing over 100 kg. (AP / Heng Sinith)

Warne playing with python. (AP / Heng Sinith)

7-year-old Warne on the female snake at his home in Setbo. (AP / Heng Sinith)

The boy is not afraid of python. (AP / Heng Sinith)

Pythons can ingest very large prey, and then digest it for quite a long time, but can be long without food. (AP / Heng Sinith)

Pythons in captivity live to 20-25 years. (AP / Heng Sinith)

Female pythons are usually larger and more powerful than males. (AP / Heng Sinith)

Pythons caught prey, snapping her teeth, and at the same time compressing the rings of its body. (AP / Heng Sinith)

Pythons are often held in captivity: in zoos and animal lovers. Certain species of these snakes are very popular. (AP / Heng Sinith)