A selection of hilarious ways to make a public apologies…

A heartbroken van driver parked up next to a busy roundabout and poured out his feelings on the side of his vehicle in big orange letters. The silver VW vehicle was left parked prominently beside the George Reynolds Industrial Estate outside Shildon, County Durham with an apology printed on the side. Picture: Tom Wilkinson/PA.

No return sex needed.

Make-up sex: you are doing it wrong.

A very frustrated individual reaching out with this all caps declaration of love and regret. I like that someone responded in the faded chalk, “I love you too stranger.” Brooklyn.

Now that’s how you make a public apology.

Jeff Ragsdale, comedian and actor, carries out his latest stunt by staging a public apology to his girlfriend Megan. On the corner of Madison Square Park he wore a homemade sandwich board which read, “I was Verbally Abusive I’m Sorry. Megan!” on April 23, 2010 in New York City, USA.