Designers to express their love for nature with original inventions using natural materials – green plants, land and water. The most original “green” ideas can bring a little organic matter and harmony in the interior, and accessories.

In 1986 Peter and his wife Becky have conceived in your garden to make a chair out of wood. And the tree was to remain alive. For several years they have invented and devised a method of forming the trees that grow along the desired design.

Decorating a pot

The moss bath mat
Mat consists of a moisture-resistant frame and three varieties of moss.

Table with a grass

The grass on the house
Heather Ackroyd spouse (Heather Ackroyd) and Dan Harvey (Dan Harvey) – British Artists, Plant For vertical surfaces of buildings. In 2003, they decorated the interior of the church grass Dilston Grove, London (pictured above). Their portfolios have more green buildings.

Bed in the garden

Water droplets from umbrellas drain by pouring green grass.

Grown ring
Natural decorations for residents of cities from the designer Hafsteinn Juliusson.

Two lives in one pot
To combine the flower pot and Aquarium occurred to design a pair of Sheng-Zhe Feng and Ling-Yuan Chou.

Rack “The Metamorphosis”
The creation of this designer’s bookshelf Sebastian Errazuriz was inspired by ivy.

Each leg of the plastic chairs willow-tree grows. Vine wound around the trunks of trees for a more “green” effect.

Green Car

Green knuckles

Business card-pot


Lounge in the garden

Organic hours

The grass on the roof

Mushroom lamp

“Live” for a bicycle chain