“We are what we eat” – is an expression familiar to everyone. That is why many want to make their diet not only delicious, but useful!The real sensation of cooking in restaurants in America is … glowing sushi, glowing in the dark sushi made ​​from GMOs fish! In the process of preparing this wonderful dish is used GloFish – a special breed of fish, bred genetically.

This fish was originally invented for dilution in water, not as decoration but as an indicator of water purity. The higher the level of pollution, the fish shone brighter. Over time, these beauties appeared in the free sale in pet stores, and soon settled in many home aquariums. Human imagination is truly limitless, so that soon the resourceful chefs decided to try the taste of miracle fish. Sushi was not chosen by chance: this dish does not require heat treatment, and, therefore, remains the property of fish emit light in the darkness. To kill parasites and bacteria,they are freezing GloFish. Cooked dishes will please the eye of almost all the colors of the rainbow – green, red, blue, orange and purple! Shining nigiri rolls – will be a real discovery for anyone who is not afraid to eat genetically modified food!