The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD and is considered the most disastrous of all known eruptions. The volcano threw out a deadly cloud of stones, ash and steam to a height of 30 kilometers, spewing molten lava at 1.5 million tons per second. Lava flows wipeing out the city of Pompeii, 16 000 of its inhabitants were buried under lava flows.

Centuries later, in place of Pompeii was recovered a huge quantity of petrified statues – the victims of the eruption. At one point, was excavated a group of people gathered together trying to escape from the lava flows.

At this place was once the ancient garden, which is now called the Garden of the captives. Here are13 fossilized bodies of the victims of that terrible eruption .

In the National Archaeological Museum in Naples is saved a lot of artifacts from Pompeii.