Every year, the desert city of Bikaner in the Indian state of Rajasthan, home to one ofevents in the world more colorful: The Festival Bikaner Camel. There is a breeding farm of Camel ( Camelus dromedarius ) and Cameloso ( Camelus bactrianus ), one of the largest such farms across Asia, which explains a festival dedicated to working animals in this city. The popular event takes place over two days in January.

This tribute to the camels includes several events, from races and rides, competitions cutting by camels and even a contest of beauty. Although many of the thousands of visitors who gather for the festival and Bikaner eagerly awaiting the camel races that take place on the second day, they are easily fascinated with the competition by cutting and beauty of camels . In the competition cut-off artists wielding sharp scissors turn their camels in living works of art, scraping their skins to make room for traditional Indian patterns . For the beauty contest, most breeders animals adorn with colorful accessories to attract the attention of the judges, but it is not surprising if by chance you see a camel whole makeup like a true Priscilla .

Situated in the heart of the Indian desert, Bikaner was always a difficult place to reach, and before the motor vehicles arrived al the local people of these lands depended entirely of camels for transportation. In fact, the camels of the region are renowned for their strength, endurance and beauty.

According to the photographer Osakabe Yasuo , the artwork on the camel can take up to three years in the making . During the first two years, the hair is grown, trimmed and thoroughly washed. When you approach the festival, the hair is then cut into intricate patterns and dyed to the effect shown in the photos for this post.

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