Initially coloring books were invented for kids, not adults. Unfortunately, these children’s coloring books got into the hands of these guys who make fun of them in full, which is why they immediately ceased to be a child.

Eric and Ariel -she bitten him to death

John brought Jesus his new mixtape

Cinderella used the blood of her victims, to water the garden

Sebastian loves grass

Meeting with Prince

Rapunzel ruthlessly killed Flynn with pan

Mignon also need death

Silence Kity

Eric Macho impressive Mermaid

This bug is an expert in skateboarding ..

“Draw a room full of the coolest friends to help a lonely guy does not feel so alone”


Elsa was worried that she can not stop drinking

Draw Chip shitting up Belle

“You want to play a game?”

– Oh, no, he is at home!- You cheated on me bitch!

“But first let me make the selfie”

This is not your sister?

Mrs. Claus something speckle in coffeeshops

Rat poison for all

Henry has a new telescope, with excellent views of the area

Help Squidward complete the picture

The kids are very tasty

“Mmm .. perfect!”