People are willing to pay for a nice package, even if it is only a pack of air – that is how Antoine Dibley, 22-year-old student of a French university is thinking. He is selling cans of air from his town, which he’s called “Air de Montcuq” for $7.50 a piece.He put his idea up on the French crowdfunding site, where he was surprised to raise more than 800 euros ($1,000) in just a few weeks — enough to set up a website and pay for packaging.When the French media got wind of the novelty item, they started extensively reporting about it which led to a voluminous deluge of orders.

In France, Montcuq is often mispronounced as “mon cul,” which translates to English as “my backside”. This means that the product name of Air de Montcuq can be translated as “the air of my backside” making it a popular novelty gift.