American Jonathan Blaustein in his photo project “for one dollar” took photos of some of the products that can be easily purchased for 1$. So let’s see what products he found at this price.

Bracelets made of candy.

Early harvest blueberries from California.

Dried smelt.


Double cheeseburger from McDonald’s.

Grapefruit from natural foods store

Four grapefruit out of the store “Supersave”.

Mexican tomatoes.

A loaf of white bread.

Canned meat.

Basmati rice from the store “Whole Foods”.

Tea biscuits from Spain.

Seven packs of instant noodles with shrimp flavor.

A piece of beef from the store “Supersave”.

Dry pork.

Greek fenugreek seeds from India.


A small portion of salad «Burger King».

Canned snails from Indonesia.