For people who love thrills, roller coasters are great for getting thrills. Some people enjoy, others are experiencing genuine fear, and still others are specially prepared to cook up funny scene during rides. All this fun waiting for you.

Already the hair stood on end

Superheroes to the rescue


It’s time to play a game of Jenga

Probably saw the spider

Anyone who has worked in the circus, rides on the laughs

Dad, you said it would be fun

Protect the Earth from aliens and ride the rides ..

It is not clear which of them is worse

The general and his trusty steed

And in the right corner of the attraction we ..

Psychological trauma for life

Mmm .. sandwich

Now he will fear his kung fu

Now it’s all yours ..

It’s time for a cup of cereal

If this is Lindsay siting in the front seat, she will be very surprised to see this unusual marriage proposal at the exit of the ride

“Hello, what are you doing?”

It seems dad is more excited than his petrified son

What’s new today?

A glass of good wine in a calm and relaxed atmosphere ..

I am Sexy & I Know IT

Hands on handrails and no one gets hurt

Hold me, bro!

Beamed with pleasure

Perry the Platypus in person

He will never be able to blink again

I think this is a bit dangerous

Snake Charmer and his company

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson