China is one of the world centers of counterfeit everything. Today I’ll tell you how in the Middle Kingdom from a piece of cheap pork or even cheaper chicken is cooked beef steaks and expensive stew. Those who often eat such dishes are in threat of cancer.

The secret lies in the so-called “beef extract» Zeng Xiang Ji. With the help of chicken or pork for an hour with a small can easily be turned into “beef”:

So, here is the recipe of Chinese national restaurant in the city of Hefei:

With the help of a substance in the bag of pork discourage its inherent odor.

Marinuem pork in the sauce with the extract.

On the left – a piece of pork, marinated in a sauce with the extract, and the right – a natural pig

And now those same two pieces, but after about 1-1.5 hours of cooking. A piece of pork, issued for beef, even superficially similar to it. By the way, and it smells almost like beef.

That’s it. A little ingenuity, and that is a recipe from the series “the hostess on the note.” However, Chinese doctors say that the frequent use of beef extract, does not benefit the young and growing organism, and can cause cancer.

Coming to the Celestial Empire, order more chicken or pork, so why pay for it, risking their health?