False boiled egg discovered at resident of Yantai, Shandong Province, eastern China, 29 of the March in 2012. The egg was made from industrial chemicals and food additives, as reported by Dong Dzinshi, an expert government center monitoring and inspection of products. Dong said that the fake egg is less than 0.1 yuan (0.016 dollars), while, regular egg costs about 0.5 yuan.

These eggs do not have any nutritional value, fake eggs pose a serious threat to health from harmful chemicals contained.

These eggs are almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing. However, the shell is much stronger, and after boiling the protein and the yolk hardens, acquiring unusual egg elasticity. The protein can be stretched up to 20 inches,and was nicknamed “rubber egg.” At the same time their taste differs greatly from normal.

Otherwise, there is practically no difference. If the yolk is broken, the appearance is not distinguishable from the regular egg. The shell is also made very skillfully, there is even an air diaphragm in the lower part of it.

Boiled egg is almost impossible to distinguish.

But undercooked fake.

The doctors say that prolonged consumption of such eggs can lead to the excitation of the nervous system, excessive mobility retardation in children and their mental development.