Carly Davidson – photographer, known for beautiful pictures of pets, which she does in the studio. Once Carly drew attention to the dog with a disability, and since then it started to interest theme of wildlife. She was surprised that animals with disabilities are very active, though they have no flaws. At the moment, Carly is working on a book about these animals, which will aim – to encourage humanity to compassion. People are able to give an animal in trouble a second life, and they will not overcome it without human assistance. Pictures consists of photographs, which show the dogs with disabilities living in Oregon.

Corgi dog named Duncan because of illness can not go back on his hind legs. But despite his physical handicap, he quickly moved through the apartment, playing with toys. He also loves whipped cream.

Little Roo – French Bulldog, which can not fully move, due to a spinal injury. He is very active dog who loves spending time with his master and another French bulldog.

The Incas – very affectionate and loyal Chihuahua who is involved in therapy sessions for dogs.

Chihuahua named Diego and pug Buddy. Diego is blind, and serves as his guide Buddy. Chihuahua is guided by sound klatsayuschih claws and goes for a pug.

Noodle – poodle, who lost both front legs after the accident. For walks in the street in his stroller adapted, but the noodle often likes to walk without it.