Romanian artist Mihai Micah spent seven months on the creation of Dante’s nine circles of Hell from the “Divine Comedy.” To create his masterpiece, he used about 40,000 lego bricks .

Limb – a place of “painless grief,” where the souls of those who knew not Christianity, that is, those who died before baptism, or lived a life of virtuous pagan. The souls wander, moaning piteously, in the ruins of the temple.

Lust. Here are lustful and depraved souls, indulge in vice of lust. They are plagued by painful erotic visions, and, besides, they risk drowning in a river of menstrual blood.

Gluttony. Here are doomed after the death of gluttons and gourmets indulge in vice of gluttony. In the rain and hail, they are doomed forever to rotate in the hellish cauldron.

Greed. There are too stingy or too wasteful people who do not know the account money. They are doomed forever to drag gravity from place to place.

Anger (River Styx).Angry souls forever doomed to flounder in a marshy bog, they can not freely move that angers them even more.

Apostasy and heretical views. A giant demon closely watching the pit full of devouring fire, in which sinners writhe in agony, pushing each other into the boiling lava. Those who have committed grave crimes against the faith in God, forever doomed to writhe in flames in the walls of the wrong church.

Violence. There are those who are guilty of violence against people or God. They are doomed to boil in the moat of hot blood, or, turning into trees to tolerate bullying monstrous harpies, all of it under the roar of the reels.

Fraud. Here are suffering frauds and impostors of all kinds. They are doomed either to constantly change shape under the influence of demonic spell, or else to burn, turned into a swamp lights.

Betrayal. It is frozen in a giant ice floe Lucifer, the angel forever shackled press. He is tormented by all those who have betrayed another’s trust.

Artist Mihai Micah says: “I have not read the” Divine Comedy “, only brief descriptions of the small circles of hell, which I found on the internet on various websites. I do not want my work greatly influenced the original description, I wanted to create a fresh and original approach to the interpretation of each circle of hell, so let the will of his own imagination. ”