Perhaps you think that a good teddy bear – the best gift for the holiday. But for the inveterate sociopath is no better alternative than a series of delightful toys roadkill.

Toys Roadkill – the brainchild of designer Adam Arber, who made ​​sure that they are similar to items that you usually see squashed on the highway.

Collection of Adam Arber roadkill currently has three types: twitching raccoon, rabbit milled, rolled, and the hedgehog.

The tire tracks on the backs of toys rolled out tongues, gawking and guts sticking out of the bellies. Toys roadkill would be a good gift for your child. Having injured the animal, the child is unlikely to cross the road in an unspecified location. Another interesting fact about toys Roadkill : if you’re a bit too confusing protruding gut, you can hide them in the toy and fasten with a zipper, so they fell back.

You’re probably thinking about how the idea could be born for such a toy? Well , we will not weary you Adam Arber invented the idea of Roadkill , when he saw his mother in law bringing the dog. His friend took a few photos for inspiration. Roadkill should be perceived positively by people with a healthy sense of humor, says the designer.