As soon as it becomes boring, most of us immediately flee to the Internet, to be bored there. But there are people who do not need the internet, because they know how make something creative out of garbage.

“Super Mario” out of pieces of note papers

Outside it looks even cooler

Epic game of tic-tac-toe

“Milton”, responsible for receiving complaints in the office

The poor fellow, who had a lot of time to do it

The guy who decided to revive the work of the office with the help of Photoshop

Someone who praised the work of Paul

“Earth, Moon, productivity Paul today”

The guy who brought a new level of boredom

This guy, who suddenly revealed the engineer skills

The guy who could brighten up your usual breakfast

Monster from clips and removers

The guys who decide to make a robot that does not work

The barber, who decided to make the dog from human hair

Someone who besides drawing in “Paint”, does nothing else for fun

An employee who has found a fun use of the little things, than just throw it into the machine with coffee

Someone who was able to turn a pencil into a work of art

Whoever has had the patience to do it

This guy skillfully used his coffee break

This officer had the angelic patience to finish it

How to entertain yourself with money, not spend it

This is responsible for the layout, discover the perfect beauty of physics

And this is an ordinary guy who works hard at his workplace