The trees – a wonderful creation of nature, talking about them can be long, but at this point touch on the problem of relations of greenery and people. When it comes to opening up new lands, often means cutting down forests and isolated trees. The situation can be understood if such action is vital. But often it makes a whim, and then the fun and – do you think the tree would survive, if it grows in misery in a place where new-found desire to establish an advertiser posts with billboards? And what grade you will give to such barbarism?

Let’s hope that decent people who care about nature, in our society anymore. Including among advertisers. Competition among producers in the market is high, so any tricks just do not have to go to you on notice! Advertise on trees – is one of the last hits of marketing activities. In a good way, of course. Surely you will not pass by – to pay attention and remember.

These are the trees now adorn one of the streets of Perm. Local factory paint products for its advertising painted a rainbow of colors trunks. Get the original and fun. Hopefully, and so harmless as ordinary whitewash:

All who see the next photo is intriguing, as in shirt sleeves slide the birch branches? If the fabric is cut and then sewn up in a tree – a boring decision. If you put on a shirt, on a small tree and wait for a dozen years, until it grows up, then it is awesome.

Do not know how to make this shoe, but looks natural. A tree trunk looks like a very elegant leg:

What is suitable dead wood, not holding to the next storm? It must be disposed of – the other options, it would seem not. But you can, it turns out, place it directly under the trunk of a fallen billboard with the image of the vehicle and the desired effect is achieved. You no longer have doubts about the strength of “Reno”?

Topiarnoe topiary and shrubs can also be used to create a creative advertising. That’s a barber advertises:

And these neatly trimmed shrubs naturally like a huge cup of tea Lipton:

Nontraditional advertising, which uses non-standard media – a powerful tool to influence our consciousness. It is not necessary to abandon traditional advertising moves, and with the broad penetration of the brand on the market should be, of course, also involved the media, and television. Only in this case will be achieved optimal coverage of potential buyers. Outdoor advertising in the usual format is also needed, but is advertising techniques, as shown above, do not complete the campaign for the product, making it “flavor” and thus causing the increased interest?

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