One of the biggest collectors of video games sold in France, thousands of video games through the website eBay and earned over $ 1.2 million.

The collection includes many video game Nintendo, Sega and all the games for the NEC system is less well known video game. All in all, the collection includes 22 sets with about 7,000 video games. Andre (32) who lives in the south of France made his fortune through eBay and admitted that his main interest and the legal sale of video games, and his collection is the largest ever sold.

Andre says it has achieved its mission to collect the entire set of Sega, Nintendo and NEC systems.
I collected some sets that have a subtitle that are sold by the factory, because it was a challenge for me. By some it was extremely difficult to reach because they are 25 years old – said Andre.

The collection is the “Nintendo Virtual Boy” and “Sega Dreamcast”, which includes about 550 games. However, among the rare titles in the collection of Go-Net for the Sega Mega Drive for which Andre says that there are only two in the world. There is also a Kunio-kun Dodgeball Gold, of which only eight copies produced.

But in addition to being sold in the collection which has 7,000 games, Andre says he has a lot of those that will still keep to myself. He said that he loved video games back when he was 25 years old, a collection was started to collect them 15 years ago.

What I put on the eBay site is only part of my collection – said Andre, whose favorite video game “Ys”. He stated that this is a very rare collection sold in Canada but is still awaiting payment of $ 1.2 million.