We are all mortal. It is foolish to deny it.Humanity throughout its history has sought ways to cheat the Reaper, to attain eternal life. Someone finds salvation in religion and belief in the immortality of the soul, someone – in the work or family. And some want to be helpful, to benefit others and after the heart stopped beating,they give their body to science. In these crazy times, you may receive one more way to “extend yourselves” after death for the benefit of others. Becoming, for example, a warm sweater.Younger generation of designers produce fabric … from cremated human remains.

«Salvage: Recycling the Dead» – this is rather an extravagant project than a real prospect for the industry of textiles. So far. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​a student of the legendary Saint Martins College of Greville Kerry has stirred the public and outraged most of it. The girl is convinced that the human body even after death – is too valuable resource. So Kerry has removed chemicals from the cremated remains , and then apply them in the textile industry, which will create more high-quality fabric with “improved properties”. What could be more practical.

The whole concept of “dead” in the home textile construction conviction Greville: your own body – this is the only resource that a person really has the right to claim.

With a wealth of resources under the name of “human body” is hard to argue: that’s where is the real gold mine of non-ferrous and precious metals, including copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, and the rest of the periodic table. But only a man is being sentimental. And it is hardly that a typical representative of homo sapiens will appreciate the idea to wear his own grandmother as a sweater or jacket, and, moreover, allow to do it to someone else. Although there will always be enthusiasts.

Work on the project «Salvage: Recycling the Dead» continues. And if Miss Greville is able to produce at least one thing with the proposed technology, the concept of «man-made» will receive an entirely new meaning. Like it?