Chinese – very unique kind of people, but what they really are good at, is the ingenuity and the ability to make a monstrously bad things. No, of course in China are true producers that follow the quality. Here are some examples of Chinese schlock, striking in its absurdity and laughing to tears. The harsh and ruthless logic of Chinese ..

“Why sew the entire body?”

“Why fill punching bag with a special material when they can fill it with nearest trash?”

“Why specially manufacture tail for toy ponies, when they can put a head of the doll in it?”

“Manicure set” probably the same manicure set had the Gestapo.

“Inside your cover for tablet you can find toothpaste packaging?”

“Yes, no one will take of her ​​pants”

“Africa, Asia – what’s the difference?

“Is not 5?

“It is a decorative butter knife, and will not cut the cheese”