Chinese Tian Hao from the city of Xi’an, Shanxi Province is working as a stylist in a beauty salon. He recently appeared on the pages of Chinese newspapers, thanks to one of its features. Tian Hao makes haircuts with his eyes closed. He uses Zen to “feel” the aura of the hair of its customers and cuts them so he does not spoil the energy sector.

Moreover, the fear of customers is the fact that Tian Hao during his haircuts with closed eyes works with two sharp scissors. Despite the obvious danger, many are willing to pay big money to Tian Hao teach them his unusual skill. He says that incident have never happened with his methods of cutting.

Instead of using a hair dryer Tian Hao uses vacuum cleaner. For a haircut the stylist charges 3900 yuan (610 dollars)for men and 3,600 yuan (570 dollars) for women. Most beauty salons in Xi’an considere the price outrageous, despite the uniqueness of this kind of haircut.