With the arrival of spring in China Dongyang town surrounds a strange but familiar smell – the smell of urine. It’s very popular local delicacy – boiled eggs.What is the connection between the smell of urine and eggs? The answer is a bit shocking: the eggs are cooked in the urine, it must be the urine of virgin boys. This tradition dates back hundreds of years, and the local delicacy is simple and uncomplicated: Tongzi Dan, which means “Egg Boy”

What’s interesting is not just a boiled egg in the urine. After the water has boiled, they are extracted from hot water and a little break the shell, so the urine gets inside and all well absorbed and fragrance permeated What’s even more interesting, people love this dish Dongyang, if it can be called such. They can eat 10 eggs a day, although some still find it disgusting. There is a reasonable question as to where and how to collect urine for cooking eggs?It happens that all the local schools, have in the corridors buckets,for collecting urin. During the day, it all merges into a large container, and it is used to prepare the delicacy.Locals believe that these eggs have special medicinal value. The urine has crystals that help to reduce body temperature and stop the bleeding. But Huang Dzhen, chief physician at the local hospital immediately dispelled this myth, saying that nothing good is in the urine because the fact that the body rejected it. But what is the usual word against the doctor’s -old folk traditions .