Of course, many of these children’s parents helped at first, but it is important that the idea to build a business, these children have come up with themselves. And none of them is a child prodigy and does not have some kind of supernatural mental abilities, they just had a dream, and they did their best to make it happen.

Evan, EvanTube

Evan was 8 years old when he created with the help of his father on YouTube his own channel EvanTube. Today, the channel brings the owner $ 1.3 million a year. It overlooks toys, talks about his peers and does not worry about the loyalty of the audience, which grows along with it.
If you are charismatic and filled with ideas, try yourself on YouTube – today not so much people earn millions here, so your niche may still be free. But unfortunately, not everyone has an innate “factor mantle”, which at the time helped Evan to become a star.

Christian Owens, Bundle Box

Owens was inspired by Steve Jobs – that helped 16-year-old Christian to earn his first million. The first computer he was given when he was a teenager (he later changed it to Mac), and in high school Owens learned web programming.
At age 14, he founded his first design company. He then created a startup Mac Bundle Box, and since then has earned millions. If you strongly want, you can fly into space.

Adam Hildreth, Dubit

When he was 14 years old, along with classmates Hildreth he launched a social network Dubit. In the UK, the site was very popular, and his 16th birthday of Adam brought him $ 3.7 million.
Then he developed Crisp Thinking – software to protect children against “predators” on the Internet. There is nothing wrong to jump on the crest of a wave, but if you want to extend the success, you need to learn how to swim further from shore.

Cameron Johnson, Cheers and Tears

When Cameron was 11 years old, the parents asked him to make the invitation to a party for the neighbors. These cards they liked so much, that people began to pay Johnson for creating their own postcards.
At age 14, Cameron founded Cheers and Tears and began advertising on the Internet, and software development. When he entered high school, he had already earned $ 400 000 per month, and then his company began to bring him millions.

Jeff, Dave and Catherine Cook, MyYearbook

Social network for students MyYearbook is still popular in the West – though now called MeetMe. It was created by two brothers and a sister, when they moved to another town and would quickly become friends with the children in a new school.
This happened even before the word Facebook has become a household word. And having achieved their goals, Jeff, Dave and Katherine site sold for $ 100 million.

Farhad Asiduolla, Rockstah Media

In his spare time from school, 16-year-old from Mumbai developed his own company Rockstah Media. This is marketing agency, which employs 20 people from around the world.
“My team – is the backbone of my business,” – says Farhed.

Emil Motycka, Motycka Enterprises

Emil began to earn money when he was 9 years old, and by 18 he turned his occupation in the business, founded the company Motycka Enterprises. That summer, he earned $ 100,000, and today he is making millions.
To keep up to study and run a business, Emil lives on a very tight schedule. “I sleep four hours a day,” – he admits. Perhaps not the best advice, but he insisted to go for his goals and do everything to get the job done – that’s what you can learn from Emile.

Ryan, Ryan Barkery

Ryan started his business investment of $ 25 000 for a 25% stake, while still at primary school. Today, he is 12 years old, and has his own bakery for dogs.
The moral of the story is: do things you love, whatever it was, and your passion will pay off.