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Junk jewelry of Aboriginal Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Omo Valley tribes, their ornaments are made of junk, that is unnecessary to Europeans – old keys, caps from soda, fragments of a credit card, straps on watches and other rubbish.

New Barbie with menstruation and sanitary napkins

Despite the fact that Barbie is almost 60 years old, the first time she had menstruation was recent. Nicholas Lamm known for the creation of Barbie with the figure of a real woman , decided to take up the delicate subject of puberty and created the Barbie doll in the style, which he called Lammily […]

Machine for hair washing looks absolutely safe

38-year-old craftsman Chen Gonko invented a machine to wash your hair. The device not only brings purity, but also gives the head massage. Indeed, the device looks pretty safe. What can go wrong when the water flows is close to the electric cables?

The dead man dressed for his own funeral like Green Lantern

50-year-old Renato Garcia from San Juan, Puerto Rico, the last few weeks of his life regularly wore a Green Lantern suit – comic book hero. After the man died from problems with the respiratory system, his sister decided that the suit will look good on his own funeral.

What can be found in the toilet

Most people equate the toilet seat to the uninhabited island where you can hide from the outside world and quietly meditate. Heroes of today’s photo gallerie went to the toilet and found things that can cause fainting and heart attack. After reading this article, many of you will closely inspect the toilet before sitting on […]

Biker went on his last journey, sitting on a motorcycle

Billy Standley and his sons started preparing for his own death a few years before he died. He decided that he would go on his last journey riding his Harley-Davidson Electra Glide 1967 inside the transparent “coffin”. A guy bought in advance three places in the cemetery next to the grave of his wife. At […]

Mysterious hanging coffins of Sagada

In most cultures around the world people bury their dead under the ground, indicating the place of burial monument. However, representatives of some ethnic groups in China, Indonesia and the Philippines have hanging coffins of their ancestors high above the ground right on the cliffs.

Marriage proposal from Predator

Unusual way to propose to his girlfriend.Make a marriage proposal – not the easiest thing. The way to do it should not be trivial because wife will remember it forever. And certainly the inhabitant of the city of Changchun (China), Zhu Wenjing day when her lover asked her to marry him will remain in her […]