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20 inventions of the past perfectly combine madness and ingenuity

Modern people are spoiled by tons of various inventions, the number of which increases with each passing day. Today, computers are the size of the palm, and just ten years ago we would have had to carry it in a trolley. The inventors did their best to try to make this world a better place, […]

Abandoned hamster without body hair got a new tiny sweater

The female hamster named Silky former owners left in a shelter. The staff of the Oregon Humane Society in Portland fell in love with a bald baby at first sight. While she is waiting for new owners, volunteers sewed her a small sweater protecting fragile body from the cold.

WTF: What’s going on?

Another selection of photos of strange objects, people and their actions.

The dead man met the guests at his own funeral, sitting on a chair with open eyes and a cigarette in his hand

3 March 2016 26-year-old Fernando de Jesus Beato received 15 gunshot wounds, from which he died. Relatives decided that the deceased should welcome guests to his own funeral as if nothing had happened – sitting on a chair with a cigarette in his hand and with his eyes open.

Clip-bun for men who want to feel fashionable even with short hair

If you’re a man and you want to be at the height of fashion, then you have to grow a beard, grow long hair, and of course to put them in the bun. But what if in order to achieve the otherworldly hipness you have not enough hair length? This will help you hairpin-bun!

Too scary even for the Halloween

Halloween is celebrated all over the world. No decent family will leave the house without decoration, on the lawns are zombies and aliens, ghosts climb the walls and in the windows are silhouettes of gallows.

Canned whole chicken

Among the many canned food that you see in the supermarket shelves, they manage to rolle up in a jar whole chicken – very funky. Does the label say “fully prepared”, but in appearance is not.

Turning into the creepy guy with grasping hands

Zombie costume, patch or costume of werewolf fangs does not surprise people on the Halloween. But a terrible horror movie character with empty eyes and enormous hands in a rake – this is something new.