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The Pinnacles in Australia

It’s a true desert landscape in Nambung National Park, where the weathered rock spires of the Pinnacles rise out of yellow sand dunes.This is the Pinnacles Desert, a part of the Nambung National Park, roughly 200 kilometres north of Perth. Yet the park sits on the deep blue Indian Ocean, along an idyllic stretch of […]

City of witches in Catalonia

City of witches in Catalonia is very interesting little town in Spain, which stands apart from the popular hiking trails. Here lives just a little more than 300 people and it was built in the valley of frozen lava,which formed a sagging after a volcanic eruption 11,000 years ago.

Golden Pavilion

Golden Pavilion – one of the most beautiful Japanese temples, located in Kyoto. The time of its construction dates back to the 1397. It was built for the Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, it is covered with sheets of real gold, and the top of the building is decorated with Chinese phoenix.

The Zaanse Schans windmill village

Zaanse Schans, – all the charm of a provincial Dutch life XVI-XVIII centuries, in one place. Zaanse-Schans – a small village, an open air museum in the municipality Zanstad in the Netherlands, not far from its center, the city of Zaandam. In the museum are samples of Dutch wooden architecture of XVII-XVIII centuries, including windmills.

10 most beautiful water castles

Červená Lhota Castle, Czech Republic Červená Lhota is a château situated about 20 km (12.5 mi) north-west of Jindřichův Hradec in south Bohemia, Czech Republic. It stands in the middle of a lake on a rocky island. Its picturesque Renaissance building is a destination of thousands of tourists every year. The name Červená Lhota means […]

Obersee lake in Bavaria

Almost the whole area Berchtesgadener landscape in the mountains. Center – the city of Berchtesgaden. The main attraction – Lake Obersee.

Swiss mountain house

Despite being almost completely embedded in the side of a hill, this modern home in Switzerland has a seriously stunning view. You can almost picture Julie Andrews (distracted with spinning and singing) crashing through the window into your living room.

Gallery of camel hair art

Every year, the desert city of Bikaner in the Indian state of Rajasthan, home to one ofevents in the world more colorful: The Festival Bikaner Camel. There is a breeding farm of Camel ( Camelus dromedarius ) and Cameloso ( Camelus bactrianus ), one of the largest such farms across Asia, which explains a festival […]