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LAS Anse d’Argent – the most beautiful beach in the world

An unusual combination of huge boulders, green palm trees and tranquil turquoise waters make this beach the most famous in the world. The beach of Anse d’Argent LAS is on the island of La Digue, which is part of the Seychelles.

Unusual bookshop in Venice

Perhaps the bookstore «Libreria Acqua Alta», located in the Italian Venice and whose owner is a Luigi Frizzo, can rightly be considered one of the most original shops of its kind.

Here it is the hotel of your dreams

Submerged room at The Manta Resort is part of Genberg Underwater Hotels and is located near the island of Pemba in Tanzania. Just imagine such a holiday – outside turquoise water and coral reefs. You are in a small floating structure. It has two levels-underwater room with windows above the water level provides living room […]

10 strangest places where people live

The man – an amazing creature. It can survive in the harshest conditions. But some people manage to not only survive, but to live for years in a very unusual places. Hanging monasteries, caves, bridges, houses made of stone … In this post you will find dozens of unusual places in which people live or […]

Summer in the Netherlands

Ah, summer … Sun, heat, fruit and, of course, the beach. Beach – this is the main destination for many residents of the noisy and dusty towns. It is a corner where you can relax your body and soul, forget about the worries and just lie in the sun. If you are going to Holland, […]

Small world of fairy tales

Faroe Islands are located in the north Atlantic Ocean, between Great Britain and Iceland. Politically, are nationals of Denmark, but has long been economically self-sufficient and even have their own currency. The population speaks the old Norwegian. The basis of the economy – the fish and seafood, as well as sheep and light industry. A […]

Around the world in five years – hitchhiking

Frenchman Jeremy Marie has hitchhiked around the world without spending any money on transportation.He has spent five years travelling over 100,000 miles around the world, relying all the way on the kindness of strangers for a free ride. He did everything from hiking in Sedan to traveling through Kazakhstan and has visited over 71 countries. […]

China’s “River of poems and paintings”

Located in the Guangxi province of China, it has been called “the river of poems and paintings,” because it’s surrounded by incredible landscapes like gorgeous green hills, conical limestone peaks and terraced rice paddies.54 miles of scenery that in China they say is the best under heaven.The River looks like a blue silk ribbon, and […]