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How to build a brand new bamboo bike

Despite the fact that bamboo – is essentially a grass, with proper treatment, this material is almost stronger than metal. Therefore, if you have hands grow from the right place, but based on an old rusty frame can build a brand new bamboo bike. Not only that transport becomes even more environmentally friendly, so also […]

Steampunk smartphone

New Zealand designer Richard Clarkson has created a unique concept – a unique fusion of old mechanics and modern technology in an unusual smartphone, which was named «Rotary Mechanical». Unfortunately smartphone «Rotary Mechanical» is only a concept.

Rise of the machines- coming soon

The Japanese company Electronics has unveiled a super fighting robot, which can be controlled via iPhone.

Collection of video games sold through eBay for $ 1.2 million

One of the biggest collectors of video games sold in France, thousands of video games through the website eBay and earned over $ 1.2 million.

Microsoft surface: Tablet with the addition of keyboard

Finally after so many announcements, company Microsoft held a conference at which it announced a new “secret” device. As assumed, the tablet market reached another line called Surface.

Flexible phones for future

The company “Atmel” which produces hardware components, presented the latest generation of flexible touchscreen.

Creative cars of the past

Let’s take a little look back at the past and see what cars were at the dawn of mechanical engineering. Even while some people are distinguished by creativity and invent a different concept cars.

FedEX released to the streets of the U.S. people for charging mobile

FedEX released to the streets of the United States a lot of people with charging stations. Approaching them, you are using a USB interface that can connect and recharge. They say the suit weighs over 10 kg. Future action is still unknown.