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Exhibition of old computers

From 10h to 17h on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays- an exhibition of old computers from the collection of Alexander Alexandrov, 4th year student of the Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks.

Fully transparent acrylic car

Auto industry supplier TRW has put a transparent car on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show.The acrylic sedan was built as showcase for the company’s safety technology, which is usually well-hidden behind body panels. Among the kit being displayed was a range of airbags and active braking and steering systems designed to negotiate an unnoticed […]

Computer stations – dream of any gamer

If you consider yourself as a gamer – well this computer station might be your dream.Imagine playing your favorite game looking at the three monitors at once.

Dress turns transparent when you’re aroused

You don’t choose if dress will be transparent…your instincts do.Woman should be pretty brave to wear this dress.The ‘Intimacy 2.0’ dress, designed by Daan Roosegaarde, is getting a rise out of the fashion world because its opaque fabric becomes transparent when you get aroused.It could be a little embarrassing in public, as they haven’t figured […]

Transparent iPad

Did you thought about the concept of the next iPad?Well,designer Ricardo Afonso created his own concept for the next iPad. A transparent glass tablet.It looks really nice…Is this really that impossible?

New aircraft in the U.S. Army soon

“Dragon Dream” – the gigantic Aeroscraft – is a new type of rigid aircraft that is neither a blimp nor an airplane. The craft will enter a flying tests phase over the next 60 days according to the Los Angeles Times after which Aeros plans to build an even bigger version with the capacity to […]

Transformer robot operated via smartphone

Japanese engineer Kogoro Kurata created a 4-meter-tall robot which can be operated by a pilot sitting in its cockpit, or via smartphone.Mr. Kurata, who named his creation “Kuratas,” says even though suggested retail price is $1-million, the pre-orders are pouring in. The developer has received 3,000 orders already.

Old Nintendo console in steampunk style

Nintendo game console known to many of us from childhood named Dendy. We all remember how we spent days on end sitting in front of the TV and playing on the console. Despite the fact that it was released in 1985, it is still in demand. One enthusiast has decided to do new steampunk style […]