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Children playing in different countries

Photo series “Children’s Games” of the famous American photographer Steve McCurry. Let’s look together, these are very bright and colorful pictures.

Behind the scenes. Photos from filming the TV series “Game of Thrones”

All fans of the television series “Game of Thrones” will be very interesting to see how the filming process went, displayed in an interesting collection of photographs on the other side of the camera.

Collection of photos of soldiers from different countries became a hit on social networks

Sixteen thousand troops from NATO countries practiced joint action at various threats in Arctic conditions. While each of them was asked to shoot themselves on the background of military equipment or on the tasks. So there were pictures on the background of the glaciers on board ships, and even while flying in a fighter plane. […]

Never get enough of cosplay girls

Collection of awesome girls in cosplay style.

Dogs first time in the car with new owners

Want to see what freedom, joy, relief, love and happiness looks like? And sincere, genuine. Look at the muzzle of these dogs. They sat in the car with new owners for the first time, a couple of minutes after leaving the shelter. The animals understand everything better than we could ever imagine.

Where is the source of good in people?

Animal world is cruel to the weak and old. Ancient man was no exception. When did the tribes, contrary to common sense started saving lives of useless members of the community? Why we save animals? After all, they can not even tell us thank you. But people throw themselves into the fire or into the […]

These snowflakes

You know what is the hardest part about photographing snowflakes? You’d never guess!Two hours catching perfect one. If you look closely at falling snow, you can see a great many different crystal shapes. There’s a lot more to see than you might think!

For one dollar – by Jonathan Blaustein

American Jonathan Blaustein in his photo project “for one dollar” took photos of some of the products that can be easily purchased for 1$. So let’s see what products he found at this price.