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A selection of very strange photo

Looking through a selection of these strange pictures, you will surely wonder what is going on here and what these people are doing .

This are reasons why wildlife photographer is the best job in the world

Usually we see the final result of the work of wildlife photographers, and often these pictures are simply beautiful! But it so happens that even more amazing things occur for the camera lens and that is why photography is the best thing in the world. Usually, photographers are working alone, but if there is a […]

Black cats dying due to human superstition

Photographer volunteer Elise Casey in collaboration with the animal shelter in Los Angeles created a series of pictures of black cats. The fact that due to human prejudices black cats are least taken and most euthanized.

Wildlife and fearless models

Moscow-based Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova created these stunning images with the help of real live animals!A talented photographer, girl, possessing supernatural fantasy and inexpressible love of nature.Each of her work deserves the highest praise. It can even seem like a photoshop – so the photographer managed to create a sense of unity within nature and […]

Incredible photo shoot in the Alps

Swiss brand of clothing and equipment for climbing Mammut arranged an incredible photo shoot in the Alps for its new advertising campaign.

Moms are moms

All mothers on both sides of the equator – are the best examples of selfless, unconditional, compassionate and faithful love. Maternal feelings beyond time and space, are not amenable to reason and logic – just because you can understand them, only by becoming parents. So moms always inspire photographers around the world.

Best photos without photoshop

All these amazing photo effects achieved by selecting the correct angle and seizing the right moment.

Revisited historic and movie locations – dat scene

Tireless and creative Los Angeles resident found an unusual hobby: after moving to the City of Angels, he is looking for places where were filmed iconic scenes of famous movies and clips. The young man publishes on his blog titled Dat scene.