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Concept bike – transformer RubyBike

A graduate of the Royal Danish School of Design Kasper Schwartz presented the concept of Bike RubyBike, which is his diploma work. Unusual vehicle has maximum possible number of different options for transformation.

The insides of the intergalactic crime boss Jabba the Hutt

The re-release of the film “A New Hope” from the series “Star Wars” scene with Jabba the Hutt, the intergalactic criminal, was replaced – his character was redrawn using digital graphics. In the original edition was used complex animatronic puppet.

Here’s what is the propaganda in the direct sense of the word

This colorful car remarked one American in a parking lot near one of the hypermarkets. This propaganda machine in reality – all painted with some slogans about the rich and the poor, Islam, Israel, and even the devil.

How does Hollywood props warehouse look like

Hollywood makes a huge number of films each year. And for each of them requires a large number of props. There are several large warehouses that store everything necessary for filming, from the food to the fake weapons. We want to show you one of the warehouses of Hollywood props.

The process of making the Predator costume

A cosplayer decided to show how he created his Predator costume and shared detailed photo report with explanations. “Muscles” were carved from foam, but they were given shape by an electric knife.

Japanese table with a heated blanket

Here is a table of Japanese bed kotatsu, which is combined with a blanket and equipped with heating. These tools help the Japanese people during the cold days when there is absolutely no desire to go out of the house, and want warmth and comfort.

Unusual flags of the world

Banner, flag, pennant – since the days of tribal wars, they have played an important role showing the intentions and ambitions. Flag – is not just a logo, but the real ideology. Of course, in the last century, the primary function of the flag has lost its relevance a bit, but among similar and boring […]

How and why the statue of Lenin turned into Darth Vader in Odessa

In Odessa, in full swing is “Decommunization” approved by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. To save a statue of the famous artist Alexander Milov ,Vladimir Ilyich Lenin had to turn into one of the icons of pop culture, namely the villain Darth Vader from “Star Wars.” The original Lenin remained “alive” inside of Darth […]