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Useful house made from recycled paper

The house in these photos looks decent, able to endure rampant disaster, but in fact it is completely made of newspapers. It is noteworthy that the paper building is already 95 years old.

Decorative sweaters for drones

The artist from San Francisco, Danielle Baskin sells sweaters for drones. You heard right, the little crocheted sweaters for your favorite flying machines.

The owner of this car is not afraid of accidents

During the ride in the car someone relies on his own driving experience, and someone – on dear God and the saints. This driver is not afraid of accidents, because of all saints and icons on the car.

That is why we are terrible parents “- the most absurd reasons for the children’s tantrums

Seeing the street bitterly crying child, one can assume that someone has wronged and in a very bad way. Instagram-account “Terrible Parents” shows some strange situations that can actually cause children’s tears – the parents have banned baby pour hot coffee on a dog or play with bees, forced him to wear a jacket when […]

Unusual and funny garbage bags

New Year is few days away! A festive table, fun, gifts under the Christmas tree and lots of wrapping paper, confetti, empty bottles and all that usually remains after the cheerful pastime! Therefore, please be sure that you have the right amount of garbage bags in which you can collect all unnecessary to throw away! […]

Sweet new trend among coffee lovers

People love coffee, but for some taste is not enough, and they are trying to add a little imagination. For some it is the cocoa for someone whipped cream and milk foam, but today we will tell you about a new trend – the crown of meringue.

Unknown artist turned a broken car slammed into a tree in a golden monument

October 16, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia, the car Toyota Camry crashed into a tree. The driver fled the scene, leaving the keys in the ignition.No one came for the car, and a week later, an unknown street artist covered it with gold, turning it into a monument.

When “Back to the Future” fanatics make their own DeLorean

Any fan of “Back to the Future” would be happy to get hold of his own DeLorean DMC-12 , as in the movie. But not everyone has enough money for this rare and expensive wheelbarrow. Therefore, they make it whit what they have.