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Pictures of celebrities with puns

Graphic designer and illustrator Justine Morrison from Sydney every Monday puts funny puns on Instagram for which is inspired by celebrities and famous characters. We suggest you take a look at some of the work and assess the imagination of the artist: Kate Moss

Japanese Star Wars plane

ANA launched the Star Wars Project in April 2015 after signing a five year promotion license contract for the Star Wars brand with The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd.The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been decorated to look like R2-D2, the small round robot that appears in every episode with his multi-lingual sidekick C-3PO. The All […]

Fattened dog who can not walk, flying first class with the owner

Interior designer Kari Whitman took the dog named Hank from the animal shelter in Los Angeles. Because of illness, he weighs so much that he can not move on his own. By the way, he flies first class, next to his owner. The dog is able to predict epileptic seizures, which Kari suffers from.

Children in the family – it’s always a joy

Children in the family – it’s always a joy, happiness and a lot of pranks! If you caught your kid in the next trick, do not rush to punish him, because in childhood is normal to decorate wallpaper with markers, roll in flour. Kids do not do it out of malice, sometimes they just want […]

Funny coloring books, which can not be shown to children

Initially coloring books were invented for kids, not adults. Unfortunately, these children’s coloring books got into the hands of these guys who make fun of them in full, which is why they immediately ceased to be a child. Eric and Ariel -she bitten him to death

People will never understand the logic of the cat

Sometimes a cat owner seems to understand their pets inside and out. But the cat – a unique creature, able to act contrary to the laws of logic. Just because. You bought an expensive cat house with scratching posts and cozy “room”? The cat will sleep in the box next to it. And that’s just […]

Chinese products – fail

Chinese – very unique kind of people, but what they really are good at, is the ingenuity and the ability to make a monstrously bad things. No, of course in China are true producers that follow the quality. Here are some examples of Chinese schlock, striking in its absurdity and laughing to tears. The harsh […]

Creative people suffering at work, and need to have fun

As soon as it becomes boring, most of us immediately flee to the Internet, to be bored there. But there are people who do not need the internet, because they know how make something creative out of garbage. “Super Mario” out of pieces of note papers