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When laziness goes to a higher level

We all know the feeling of laziness, and sometimes it is so strong that we do not even want to deal with it. However, the heroes of this collection surpassed all because their laziness got a whole new level.

Children who can sleep anywhere

Infants and toddlers are charming and funny. They are fun trying to say something, fun when they run, fun when they eat and sleep …

What’s going on here?

Around us, every day there are some strange things and we are surrounded by some strange people, whose behavior defies explanation. Who are all these people? What are they doing? What for? Questions to which there is no answer …

This cat can easily become a football team goalkeeper

Peter Mares in California can not explain why his cat named Keys constantly raises the legs up. It is possible that in a previous life she was a goalkeeper, and she is still trying to catch an imaginary ball.

Spicy sauces, for which your backside just doesn’t say “thank you”

Who tried Mexican food, he knows the real anal pain while sitting on the toilet later. Manufacturers are aware of this and do not forget to hint about it, giving the funny names to hot sauce.

The Japanese did not want to look stupid with self-stick and created even more stupid self-hand

Japanese inventor named Mansun really wanted to be able to make high-quality self-portraits, but self-stick felt too pop. So he invented a self-hands, which looks even more idiotic than a monopod. He even had to sew a special shirt. Fortunately, serial production of his invention is not going to happen.

Oops – hilarious mistakes

Agree, life would be boring if there were not such ridiculous, ridiculous and absurd things. Mistakes like this made us laugh ..

A soldier does not move during a moment of silence, even in the worst moments

In England, every year on November 11 at 11 am is national moment of silence for those who died in wars. Near the monument to the unknown soldier in London are going not only the citizens, but the royal family and the military. Of course, the idiots in the crowd during the two minutes are […]