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Chairs in the form of animals from Maximo Riera

Spanish artist and designer Maximo Riera creates unusual chairs, sofas and canapes, made ​​in the form of animals. According to the author, the original pieces of furniture are created using 3D-modeling and modern production technologies. Everything is made of polyurethane having a high strength and superior in many aspect. High stability and reliability of the […]

Illustrator adds funny and witty cartoons to photos from Instagram

Brazilian illustrator Lucas Levitan lives in London and has a very creative mind, which he directs in the right direction, coming up with alternative stories for all that he sees. In a series of images that he calls “Photo Invasion”, he adds funny and very imaginative drawings to pictures of random users on the Instagram. […]

The paintings drawn by welding metal

23-year-old Dick Louth – welder and painter in one person working in the vicinity of Chicago. He paints, welds,portraits of famous characters of pop culture on pieces of metal . So he has the opportunity to earn additional income.

Straw sculptures by Japanese farmers

The competition of sculptures made from hay, is held annually among Japanese farmers. The work impresses with its scale, but in the event of the year unrecognized masters of modern art surpassed themselves. Here are some of the best works.

Eerie but seductive body art “tearing” female body

29-year-old Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque from Chile, overcoming poverty was finally able to become who he dreamed to be – an artist. Giampiero specializes in creating eerie body art, creating optical illusions. Its hallucinogenic works show women tearing their bodies to a greater or lesser extent. Even without brutality in the works Giampiero always makes some […]

Gone from memory: the artist erased people from his photos, which he did not remember

Series “Faded Memory” was created by the Portuguese artist namedAlberto Achega Leitão, who decided to fix his old childhood photos, erasing the people whom he did not remember. Forgotten people as a means of inspiration.

When spilled coffee turns into art

27-year-old Italian artist Giulia Bernardelli received a bachelor’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, and is currently working with the children in the museum. Her work in her words always comes out spontaneously.

Creepy humanoid stocking sculptures

Dutch artist Rose uses used nylon stockings to create human-like sculptures. With the help of pins achieves eerie realistic effect.