Pat Vaillancourt – record-holder for the number of tattoos that are URL-addresses of sites on his back and arms. But he has no plans to stop.He has plans for 100,000 addresses.
In 2010,30 year old Pet from Quebec, Canada, decided that he wanted to set a world record. He was not an athlete and could not establish any sports record, so he chose tattoos to make a mark in the record books.

“I want to beat the Guinness world record, but, more importantly, I want to help others. This is my way of doing this “- he said then.
Anyone can pay $ 35, and URL-address of the site in the form of tattoos will be on his body. All URL-addresses listed on his website, , with half the proceeds Pat lists the people of Haiti and Somalia.

The other half goes to pay tattoos and promotion of the project. In the end, Canadian plans to raise 3.5 million dollars.

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