Most people equate the toilet seat to the uninhabited island where you can hide from the outside world and quietly meditate. Heroes of today’s photo gallerie went to the toilet and found things that can cause fainting and heart attack. After reading this article, many of you will closely inspect the toilet before sitting on it.

Spider found in the closet

Huge fish found in the McDonald’s toilet

Two women at the Henry Chamber Waterfront Park in South Carolina found a shark in a public toilet. The shark was dead when they found it, and is unlikely to have got in the toilet on its own.

This photo was taken in one of the rowing clubs of Amsterdam ASR NEREUS.

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma is one of the most acclaimed living musicians in the world.In 2011 when he spent some time on a Chicago bathroom floor with Wilbur the Wombat.

Starbacks client was very surprised when he found a snake in the toilet.

Woman found a small squirrel floundering in her toilet.

A man living near Dallas, Texas walked into his bathroom one day to find a small possum staring at him from the toilet bowl.

Australian resident went to the toilet, where he discovered the 3-meter carpet python.

Woman from Texas went to the toilet where she found 12-foot python.

An unnamed man was rescued from a toilet in Claremont, Cape Town in May 2013. The man had somehow gotten himself stuck in the bowl of a portable toilet on a building site.