In every country, every nation has its own concept of beauty. Ethiopia is no exception. These are pictures from the beauties of Ethiopia.

Unique “decorate” with lips that they use are totally unusual.

For several years, the hole in the lips gradually increasing. On the wedding day is inserted “plate” of clay. Diameter of such a disk can reach 30 inches, exceeds the diameter of the head!

Plate size is the measure of beauty. Larger plate, more cows will be given for when a girl is married.

Many girls have no front teeth and there are still many problems that they suffer for beauty

The ritual, which consists of individual scars – nodules. They are of different sizes and different shapes: round, oval, linear.

Another interesting fact is that they are very specific smell. You may think that they do not maintain personal hygiene, but they inflict on themselves a special protection against all parasites.