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All musicians really want is the right gear for the gig. Sometimes you need beats or loops, sometimes you need electric drums and other times all you really need is a music sampler and the ability to create loops on the fly. Up till now, if you wanted all of that, you had to spend thousands of dollars and lug around multiple machines and all the cables and adapters to sync up your sound equipment.
That all changed in July when the Beat Thang was launched into the market. Created through a joint venture between Rowdy Electronics and Beat Kangz Electronics, Beat Thang is a multi-dimensional machine that’s a music sampler on overdrive and gives musicians, electric drum beats, electric drum loops, rap beats and much, much more.

Inside the Beat Thang’s light weight but durable exterior, beats the heart of a pro studio that musicians can use in every possible setting; whether playing live, putting down tracks in the studio or just creating rap beats and samples with the music sampler.
Packed in every Beat Thang are more than 3,000 original sounds, rap beats, loops and 65 digital effects; so the first time musicians plug it in, they have professionally mastered live performance ready tools on demand.

But Beat Thang is much more than just an electric drum machine; the onboard music sampler is equipped with some serious mixing tools so that you can create your own samples and performance loops.

Beat Thang’s music sampler allows for sampling and re-sampling functions that are extremely versatile and useful, unlike the extremely limited functions of would be competitors, Akai’s MPC-2500 or Roland’s MV-8800. Additionally, the Key Span feature enables musicians to take multiple samples instantly.
Beat Thang has a few other features that push it far beyond any music sampler or electric drum machine out there, they include;

·Dual microphone and line input/output jacks plus two USB ports that allow uploading of custom samples and sounds, rap beats, electric drum beats and runs.

·The multiple media ports allow Beat Thang to be plugged directly into existing sound equipment giving seamless integration for live performance and studio settings.

·Flawless integration with both Mac and PC operating systems allows complete interface for mixing and mastering; Beat Thang Virtual software gives you even more flexibility in creating your own rap beats, loops and samples.

·Save rap beats, electric drum machine beats, loops, sounds, samples and mixes with 256 MB of RAM and two SD card slots and play them back with real time loading.

·Onboard waveform editing and digital EFX functions make sample editing easy and fast even during a live performance.

·The Beat Thang’s lightweight construction and rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives six hours of plug-free play time, so musicians can take it everywhere.

Beat Thang retails for around $1,500, which is much more affordable than the thousands you would spend on multiple pieces of equipment to get everything Beat Thang offers in one package.

As well as the onboard goodies your purchase includes:
·Beat Thang Virtual beat machine for Mac or PC
·40 plus training videos
·Sample legal contracts to help you protect your original beats
·Studio/Music business, business plan model
·Access to Sell More Beats Online video course
·Life-time technical support
·Software upgrades via USB
·One-year subscription to
All free.