Beachy Head – cape on the southern coast of Britain, in the county of East Sussex, which is a chalk cliff, in a large extent its almost sheer. Characteristic of the southern coast of England chalk cliffs reach here almost 150 meters high. And the highest note of the place 162 m – is the highest chalk cliff in Britain. Also, the rock is known as one of the favorite places for suicide.

This huge “lump” of limestone formed about 65-1000 million years ago, when the area was under water, rose to the surface in the Cenozoic era. At the end of the ice age sea levels rose and formed the English Channel and spectacular cliffs along the coast of Sussex.

Etymology of the name of Cape is not English, as it may seem at first glance, but the French, and has no relation to the word “beach” (beach). Initially, in the Middle Ages, the cape was named Beau chef or Beau cheif, which translated from French means “beautiful cape.” Later the name was transformed in the English style “Beachy head”.

On top of the cliff overlooking the coast of Cape Dungeness to the east to Cape Celso-Bill in the west. In a couple of kilometers north-west of Beachy Head chalk ridge form steep banks rise and fall of the coastline, known as «Seven Sisters» (Seven Sisters).

Because of the danger of the place in 1830 west of Cape lighthouse was built, and in 1902 went to work and another beacon height of 43 m, which is in the open sea below the cliff. Since 1983 he works in automatic mode.

Waves gradually eroding the rock, which is why there are small avalanches of stones. Large landslides are less common. The last major rock avalanche occurred in 2001, due to strong spring rains.

With all its beauty and picturesque Beachy Head is also known as one of the most popular destinations for suicides in the world, after the number of suicides only Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Japanese forest Aokigahara. Annually reduce their own lives about 20-30 people. In the seventies, this number reached 124 persons per year.

In 2008, Britain had discussed the whole tragedy, when the rock ran down police, desperate boss. The locals even talk about the “curse of Beachy Head.” Supposedly in the old days with the top dropped weak children, here and now it attracts the weak.

To prevent suicides area is patrolled by a team of chaplains (Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team). Taxi drivers and employees of the local pub also contribute vyyaleniyu potential suicides. In addition to the rock placed special warning signs with phone numbers counseling services.

However, at the edge of a cliff on a regular basis, new crosses. While those who went to Beachy Head, in one voice say that with the summit offers a spectacular view of the coast, that on the contrary – we want to live!