Great healthy boy, 59 inches long, weight 3.5 kg.A son – a miracle, he does not cry, do not stain the diapers, does not raise their parents at night, because he is – a doll. The most naturalistic of all possible-Reborn Doll.

It has a fixed glass eyes ,hair – a thin mohair, vinyl body.

It is – part of a vast collection of handmade dolls, made to order and sent to his “mom” in a wooden box in the mail.

Seemingly innocent toy, but why is it implements the primitive, the most terrible fear of any mother to see a child who is not moving, not breathing, not blinking?

Manufacturers of baby dolls, talk about the favorable effects of their “wards” in the mental health of women. Taking the weight to your hands, and so similar to a live baby doll, a woman is experiencing the same feelings as when it has a real baby. Childless ladies realize their maternal instinct, the mother of grown children remember their youth.

At the collector Inna Bogdanova, mom of adult sons, were 70 puppet children. They live in an ordinary room apartment in Moscow, she combs their hair, dress up. “This is my hobby – says Inna – I always wanted many children, but it was not possible.”

“Reborn is not an addition to a living child, and instead! Buy a doll crib, stroller, clothes for the season, Reborn bathe daily, smeared with cream, pictures, and photo spread in the network. Forums are filled with posts about Reborn dolls. Normal conversation of young mothers, is not it?

49-year-old Linda Jacobson – a collector of American Reborn – recognized that the need to compensate for small children,is buying a naturalistic dolls. “We walk in the park, I take them with me, I drive them in the stroller or carry in a sling, and many feel that my kids are real.”

Doll-babies have become very popular throughout the world, the most famous case involving them occurred in the past year.

Australian police officer saw the lifeless child in the car, ran to the car, broke the glass, and he was surprised when in his hands was a doll!

Versions of the origin of Reborn dolls are few. According to some sources, these kids, “began to be born,” in the U.S. in the late 1980s. On the other it turns out that reborning began to develop after the launch of the Spanish dolls Dolls by Berengeur. These kids, “positioned as a play doll, and then began to be used as a mannequin to demonstrate children’s clothing.